Lethal Application

You're a girl who needs to go up. The only
way to do it is shooting down. If you want to go left you need to shoot right and vice versa. If you go to the right part of the screen you're transfering to the left. If you're too slow you will be electrocuted by some horizontal electric wire, which is slowly going up, and loose some life. That's it ! Great gameplay, great level design and fast paced, you will be addicted !

The ammo is not infinite and you need to blow enemies to resplenish it. They leave some items with different sizes, the bigger the better. There are four special weapons which can be leveled up : bazooka, sword, wide shot and laser.
After the first introducing levels the game is hard, especially the bosses. But they are really well designed. You have to think fast in order to not being electrocuted to death. As you have to score to gain extends the game become really addictive.

Crisp anime style graphics (like a 16 bit era game slightly updated), pure arcade synth soundtrack and you have a little gem of a game which could have been designed by Treasure.

Download (scroll down and choose a mirror)
An english translation is available there.

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