Bullet Hell !

Bullet Hell ! is a very polished danmaku shmup.

There are the 2 classics shot types : wide and focused.
When you power up with the P item you get either fixed modules shooting straight ahead for the first one or auto aiming for the second one.
There's the slow button with concentrated shot and visible hitbox on the player.
The 3rd button shoot an Ikaruga style auto aiming laser (MP).

When you destroy an enemy with the normal shot you collect yellow stars which resplenishes the mana gauge. When full you get another laser (MP). You can also get one by collecting a B item.
If enemies are destroyed with a laser shot you collect green stars which value more points and resplenishes the mana gauge faster. Strategic use of the laser is required to score and get extends. The required score to get one is the value written next to the 1up line.

Moreover if you use the slow button on certain parts of a level you collect hidden fruits for points.

Each stage gets new enemies or new gameplay elements, like the third one where there are blocks moving similarly to those of Radiant Silvergun or the second one where wind abounds.

Enemies and boss pattern are similar to many danmaku shmup, classics but effective. There's a hard mode with faster and more plentiful ones.

Graphic wise it looks like a fantasy rpg from the Super Famicom era. Backgrounds are pixelated but characters are in a higher resolution.

Music fits the game but is not that great : it's standard fantasy orchestral synths.

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Originally posted on 2/24/10, upped because the download link was down.

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