Chibi Shooting

Chibi Shooting is a nice oldschool shmup, just slightly updated with some manic shootings and a ship with a small hitbox. Apart from the normal shot there's a boost button to escape tricky situations. The latter is charged by destroying enemies. When boosting you're invincible and destroy any enemy in contact with the ship.

There are 20 zones and each one is divided in 3 parts (A, B, C). Depending which enemy you destroyed last in zone A and B change the enemies in the zone C named "Counter Attack".
When a shooting star appear on screen it means you have been too slow to kill all the enemies and they shoot more aggressively. The faster you clear the waves, the more bonus points you get. Finally there are extends each 50000 points.

To sum it up it's a cross between Nomltest and Cosmo Gang the Video !

If you want to play with a joypad or a joystick you can use a program like joytokey.


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