3 Days Shooting

3 Days Shooting is an horizontal shmup scrolling from right to left !

You've got a life gauge (3), so there's no instant death but there's only one life.
There's an overheat gauge (4), so sometimes you need to stop shooting for a second or two.
There are only 3 buttons used : shoot, anchor shot and select skill to level up.
There are 2 characters to choose, each one with a different set of weapons.

You upgrade your character by using an anchor. When an enemy (9) or a part of a big one is killed you've got to take it with your anchor. Each time you take one it fills the gauge of the skill you want upgrade. You select the skill with the 3rd button which is then highlighted (5). When the gauge is full you level up (with a maximum of 5 levels). The skills are weapon, body, leg and booster.
Depending of where your character is hit you lose levels, so you've got to constantly shoot your anchor to dead enemies to stay fully powered and fast enough.

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