Red Killer 2nd Age

Red Killer 2nd Age is a shmup clearly based on the Siter Kain ones. It looks like a Reflex clone but there's no reflection system. There's a front beam, which gauge depletes when used and slowly resplenishes when not used, but that's all. The standard shot is a 7 ways shot: it aims at every angle minus the back. There are no power ups at all.

You've got 5 lives and a shield bar. Enemies shoot fast an the screen is easily full of bullets. Bosses patterns are based on those of Reflex and Kamui.
Again graphics and sounds are clearly based on those of the aforementioned titles but are not as great.

To sum it up it's a good shmup but Siter Skain games are way better.

Option menu translation :

- number of lives
- background
- sound effects
- music
- flash effects (you may turn them off for the level 5, they are nasty on the eyes !)
- screen mode
- save settings and return at the title screen

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