Inyou Douji Monogatari

Inyou Douji Monogatari is a puzzle platformer game.

You control a warrior with 3 main abilities : fly, slash a sword, and push objects. The gameplay is very similar to Gargoyle's Quest, except you have a sword. The goal of each stage is to pass the exit door. Between stages, when a there's a new enemy, a new type of block or a new condition to open the door, some nice animations play.
The difficulty is well adjusted. If you hit an enemy you lose a life and return to the map where you can practice stages already beaten. The save feature is really useful. There you can collect items previously missed such as extra life and experience. Each stage needs a different strategy to reach the door but, as it is timed, you need to think quickly while slashing the enemy, avoiding them and jumping tightly. The stage design could have been made by Treasure (of bangaio and Radiant Silvergun fame).

This game has been created by famous Ikaruga player MIR. and that's why there are two characters to choose : the white one (easy mode) and the dark one (hard mode). Each one with a different set of type of enemies it can defeat and type of block it can destroy.

Graphics are well done as is the music and the sound effects. The low resolution is not a drawback and while playing this seems a really well polished game. The only annoyance may be the menus in japanese. But with a bit of blind trying anybody can guess what to do.

When you have beaten the game you can use the editor to make additional stages ... or check those available to download. At the time of this writing there are 639 additional stages to chose with ! Not counting 5 packs, one for each difficulty setting !

Downloads :
Main page, click the douji.zip link
Stages packs
Extra stages

Help :
Stage maps

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